Every Ford vehicle is engineered to deliver dependable performance, and our auto service technicians at Peru Ford in Peru, IN will complete all recommended maintenance services that it requires over the years. Everything from wear and aging to general filth and other factors can take a toll on your vehicle, and maintenance services can prevent or reduce the damage that these factors can cause. During the summer, you may drive your vehicle more frequently than usual. Your Ford will also be impacted by hot outdoor temperatures. With this in mind, you need to give your Ford the attention that it needs now to prepare for the stress that it may endure for the next few months.

Check the Brakes

Each time you step on the brake pedal, your Ford’s brake pads endure extreme friction and heat. All brake pads gradually wear down over time, and replacing the pads promptly as needed can help you to avoid repair expenses for the replacement of the drums and rotors. Is it time for your Ford’s brake pads to be replaced? We encourage our Kokomo customers to stop by our Ford dealership for a thorough brake inspection and to learn about recommended services.

Inspect Tire Tread

If it has been more than a few months since your Ford’s last tire rotation, this is the perfect time to tackle this maintenance task. Regular tire rotations promote more even tread wear. As a result, the tires’ life may be extended. You may also maintain great traction on the road, safer handling, and faster brake time as a result. Because air pressure also affects tread wear, we will ensure that the tires are properly inflated when you stop by for a tire rotation.

Install Clean Filters

Numerous filters in your Ford trap debris each time you get behind the wheel, and these filters allow your vehicle's various systems and components to remain cleaner and to perform efficiently. Seasonally, your filters should be inspected for cleanliness. These include the air filter, PCV filter, oil filter, and fuel filter. During your next visit to our service center, we can replace all dirty filters with quality replacement parts to optimize your Ford’s performance as you travel from Logansport to Bunker Hill, IN.

Replace the Oil

The motor oil that runs through your engine moderates the effects of heat and friction that the engine would otherwise be exposed to. The oil also gathers dirt, dust, and other particles that work their way into the engine. Gradually, the motor oil will thicken and will be less effective. To ensure that your engine is prepared for the high temperatures that summer brings, schedule an oil change for your Ford today.

Flush the Engine

As important as it is to replace your Ford’s motor oil, you need to take another step to ensure that the engine is as clean as possible. Blobs of thick, dark gunk can accumulate in various areas of the engine, and these are removed through an engine flush service. If your Ford’s engine has not been flushed recently, our technicians will happily complete this vital service during your next visit.

Change the Wiper Blades

Your ability to see your surroundings is essential to driving safely. When wiper blades wear out, keeping the windshield clean is challenging. If your wipers are leaving behind streaks, if they are squeaking or if you have other concerns, a wiper blade replacement can resolve the situation.

Auto maintenance requires regular attention throughout the year, and our Ford auto techs are ready to do their part so that your vehicle is prepared for summer driving. Call ahead of your arrival to schedule an appointment for faster service.

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